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Coming of Mage

Full Title: Coming of Mage

Author: Mikel K. Andrews

Description: Quinn Sullivan, fresh from his first year of college, returns for yet another summer to the North Shore of Minnesota, working for minimum wage at an off-season ski resort.
    A resort for wizards. Wizards like Quinn.
    Like most “mages” his age, Quinn's got no car, no money, isn't keeping up on his spells, and wants desperately to get the girl. And not just any girl—Emma, a promising alchemist (and lover of rock music) who happens to be Quinn's best friend.

And entirely oblivious to his affections.

    Don't worry. Quinn has a plan. Because if Emma wants to study alchemy abroad, she needs one of the rarest metaphysikal artifacts in existence: a solistone. And it costs a whole lot more than a summer's worth of paychecks. But if Quinn can just get his hands on one—even if he has tomake it himself—maybe he'll get that chance to show Emma he's more than “just a buddy.”

But where does a mage barely out of high school even begin?

Reviews:“An achingly sharp look back at growing friendships and budding romance in a magical time that never was (the enchanted '80s) but you wish could have been. As if J.K. Rowling had written Stand By Me — or Stephen King had written Harry Potter — set on the shores of Lake Superior.”

- Matt Forbeck, author of Vegas Knights and Dangerous Games


ISBN: 978-0-87839-642-9


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