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The Mailmen of Elmwood

Full Title: The Mailmen of Elmwood: A Novel of Psychiatric Treatment in Minnesota

Author: Michael Resman

Description: Jack’s been here a long time. He knows the ropes, and he’s only too happy to pass along that information to his young apprentice, a new patient in a Minnesota state hospital in the 1950s. Walking the mail route, Billy learns tidbits that could make his life easier in the coming months—and could potentially save it. Encountering patients with a variety of illnesses, Billy is astonished to learn what goes on behind the stately walls of the hospital, away from families’ prying eyes. With only one day to learn before flying solo, Billy must take it all in. Above all, he must stay on his guard.

About the Author: Michael Resman retired after working in the Rochester State Hospital and public schools as an Occupational Therapist. He is active in the Quaker church and interested in Minnesota history.


ISBN: 978-0-87839-406-7

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