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Larry Schug is the author of six books of poems—Scales Out of Balance (1990), Caution: Thin Ice (1993), The Turning of Wheels (2001), Arrogant Bones (2008) and Nails (2011), all published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and a chapbook, Obsessed with Mud, published by Poetry Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota. His upcoming book, At Gloaming, will be available March 1, 2014.


A Speculation on Spiders

A great spider spins an invisible thread,
weaves an invisible web,
ties together every thing, every where, every when.
No one knows the entirety of this web,
where it hangs, what lies between its threads.
We perceive ourselves existing
in one time, in one place, on one strand,
but if we pay attention we feel a vibration,
music in the humming string to which we cling.
Some seek the spider,
some hide from her,
but no one can escape this web,
these shining, singing, silver strands.



Tango Luna

What if
instead of playing golf,
the astronauts would have danced
on the moon;
done clumsy pirouettes in bulky spacesuits,
simple box steps
kicking up moon dust in starlight
instead of just that one giant step?

A slicing golf ball, even hit on the moon
inspires no one.
They could’ve danced a lunar tango
in blue-green earthlight,
leaving a pattern of intricate footprints
that would’ve set everyone on our little planet
dancing the same dance,
the way we used to when the moon was full.




Each ripple created as geese take flight
reflects its own sunset,
ripple follows ripple, sunset follows sunset
like days follow days, adding up to a life,
your life.
You may see your life in this bruised sky
of royal purple and tangerine, citrean yellow.
When the water calms, slips into sleep,
that’s your life, too,
reflected in dreams of starshine.



The Old Guys at Kay’s Kitchen

The old guys, the “regulars,”
sit in the same corner booth every morning,
comfortable as brothers with each other,
coffee cups in hand,
laughing like children one minute,
becoming loud when old arguments surface,
then going silent as stones when talk turns
to their war or old friends passing.

Four old friends and I, newly retired,
gather at Kay’s for lunch today.
I see us as if from outside, how we must appear
to the young working guys eating their lunch,
and I realize that to them
we’re the old guys in the corner booth
as we reminisce about old ballplayers,
our war, friends gone too soon.

We’re the old guys.
I say it to myself, we’re the old guys,
though we’ve not admitted this to ourselves.
I wonder how this could be possible,
that the years have left so many footprints
on the fading trail behind us.
We bask in the warmth of each others’ presence,
knowing something we could not know yesterday.



These poems and many, many more are included in At Gloaming, available March 1, 2014. To tide you over until then, Larry's other books are available on our website or by calling 320-558-9062


More information about Catherine, setting up events, and her other books can be found on her website,



Upcoming appearances:


January 28

Apollo High School, St. Cloud, MN

Larry will be leading a classroom session about poetry at Apollo High School.


January 30

College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN

Larry will be making a classroom visit to talk about poetry at the College of St. Benedict.


February 2

Avon Hills Conference

Larry will be leading a "Poetry in the Avon Hills" class/seminar at the Avon Hills Conference at St. John's University in Collegeville, MN.

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